We need some Metta around here

book cover
I've realised that I really need to introduce some Mettā (usually translated in the West as "loving-kindness") into my practice.

Why metta?

I want to work on my edges, they need softening, I need softening. I'm feeling rigid, brittle, quick to snap, to break. Metta will (hopefully) encourage some gentleness. Metta implies a deep opening, an allowing, acceptance, gratitude and forgiveness.

My earliest introduction to metta meditation was via Stephen Levine's book 'A Gradual Awakening' - one of my first, and still on of my favourite, Buddhist books. I'll never forget my first attempt at metta, it was something incredibly powerful and profound.

So, here's what I'll do. Ten minutes of metta after my formal practice. Let's see how that goes.